Have You Found Your Timothy?

Ministry provides many opportunities for fulfillment. One of the most fulfilling opportunities is found in the realm of mentoring. Although the word mentoring is not found in the Bible, it is a principle exemplified throughout Scripture. Mentoring relationships are like that of Jesus and the twelve disciples, Elijah and Elisha, or Paul and Timothy. These men could have easily kept their principles of ministry and character to themselves, but instead they decided to share their wisdom. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they found future leaders to invest in. As we look at Jesus and these mighty men of God, we too should have the same desire. All of us have at least one to three people in ministry that could be mentored. Some may be involved in full-time ministry, while others may be found within the pews of an average Sunday service.

Mentoring can last for a season or a lifetime. Most of my opportunities to mentor have been through seasons of ministry. After you engage in an initial opportunity to mentor someone, it stirs your heart to find the next person to mentor. As you sense in your heart that a mentoring season is coming to a close with one person, begin to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal who the next person might be. God will reveal the person He desires for you to pursue. Usually this person will be very familiar to you and you will be able to invite them into a mentoring relationship. It is important to share with them what the responsibilities will look like in this relationship. After you are in agreement, the process can begin!

The thought of mentoring a Timothy may seem daunting at first, but as you seek the Lord for the “right person,” He will give you what it takes to succeed. Choose today to join the ranks of mentoring and you will be among the few who feel the burden to pour into the next generation of spiritual leaders. Have you found your Timothy?


Dan Schmidt serves as the Lead Pastor of Batavia Assembly of God and as Presbyter for the Western Section. Dan enjoys spending time with his family, mountain biking, hunting, and fishing.Dan Schmidt

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