Fostering an Atmosphere of Revival in Your Kids Ministry – by Sharon Baldwin

Pentecostal churches have a distinct worship and sense of Presence that allows for God’s glory to permeate our worship. Valuing the reality that children can develop an early understanding and appreciation for Presence is vital to fostering an atmosphere of revival among our kids where they hear from God and learn to be in His Presence.

As a young child, I worshipped alongside my mother and learned to pray, intercede, and sing in the Spirit through her example as she had one arm around me and one extended to the Lord. What set this atmosphere?

  1. Pray for the kids in your church. Call them by name before the Lord and claim them for the Kingdom. Ask God to create a hunger to know Him. Pray that they will be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  2. Teach and model prayer. Invite your kids into your main services to participate alongside the adults. Encourage an atmosphere of worship in your kids’ area. Have your kids find quiet areas to spend thirty seconds or a minute in quiet before the Lord with soft music playing. Teach praise words and sing lively praise. Have them form sentence prayers.
  3. Tell stories of what God has done in the past. Healings and revival stories stir faith. Set the standard and raise the expectation.
  4. Set the atmosphere. One pastor noticed the kids in the service had become a distraction. He called them to the front and reminded them that they had been taught to believe for more of God. They began to pray with the kids. Kids received their baptism and cried out to God.
  5. Teach kids to linger in God’s Presence. Choose songs that speak to God.
  6. Teach kids that the things of God are special and rejoice with them when God uses them in a special way.

Let’s believe for a mighty outpouring and a tender ear for this Next Generation.

An excellent e-book:  Power-filled! Leading Children into the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Philip & Robin Malcolm

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Sharon Baldwin is Director for Discipleship and Children with the New York Ministry Network, Director of Kids’ Camp, music teacher for children with developmental disabilities, an ordained minister, pastor’s wife, and mother of two. She and her husband, Tom, reside in Hamburg, NY.  Her ministry goal is to empower, resource, and network pastors and churches to be effective in ministry.

2 thoughts on “Fostering an Atmosphere of Revival in Your Kids Ministry – by Sharon Baldwin

  1. Excellent Sharon – Children that grow up in this spiritual atmosphere become the spiritual leadership of tomorrow.

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