Face-to-Face Kingdom Networking

With all of the social networks out there, there’s a chance that you have thousands of “friends.” Creating and maintaining a network of real face-to-face relationships with other leaders that goes a little deeper than “likes” can help you as a leader in many ways. We follow the greatest leader of all. We follow our Hero Jesus. His Kingdom is great and the gifts He’s given to the church in the form of leaders transcends church methods, traditions, or denominations. There’s much we can learn from one another. Here are 3 things that can be a value to you in a network of Kingdom minded leaders.

Personal Growth. There’s a lot we can learn from leaders. They have different experience levels. Some have “been there” and have more experience that can help to reduce blind spots in our leadership. Some have less experience and can offer us a fresh new perspective so we don’t get stuck in a rut.

Resources. The Kingdom of God is much bigger than your church, your section, your district, and your denomination. When you have relationships with Kingdom minded friends from various walks of life, you have a broader spectrum of resources. We can share what God has given us and expect to be blessed.

Kingdom UNITY! You’ve heard people, “I used to go to the church over there, but…” Imagine how the Kingdom of God grows when people transfer is handled by loving leaders at both ends or nipped in the bud altogether. Imagine the response given to a church hopper is, “Stop right there. The Pastor of that church is a personal friend of mine. Let’s see what we can do to mend your relationship before you go any further in dragging him through the dirt.”

Get out there. Call every Pastor in your city and offer your friendship to them. Let’s see what God can do as we all pull together to build His Kingdom. I’m not saying that all of them will want to be friends, but when Jesus returns to bring His family home, at least we will look like one!
Chad Rieselman is husband to Christina and dad to Ethan, Nash, and Samuel. He serves as the Lead Pastor of Lumber City Church in North Tonawanda, NY, planted in 2012. He is also a founding member of the Bridge Network of Western New York, a collaborative local church planting network. This month, Lumber City Church, together with the Bridge Network, helped launch Steel City Church in the heart of Lackawanna, NY.

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