Beyond Our Affiliations

Recently Burger King and McDonald’s engaged in a public conversation. By way of an advertisement in The New York Times, Burger King challenged its “arch”-rival to join them in “a ceasefire” on the so-called “burger wars” and to mark the occasion by selling a mash-up of their two flagship sandwiches, the Big Mac and the […]

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Face-to-Face Kingdom Networking

With all of the social networks out there, there’s a chance that you have thousands of “friends.” Creating and maintaining a network of real face-to-face relationships with other leaders that goes a little deeper than “likes” can help you as a leader in many ways. We follow the greatest leader of all. We follow our […]

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The Lord’s Prayer

John, in his gospel, draws his readers into an intimate moment Jesus shares with the Father toward the end of His physical life on earth. He prays for Himself, then for His disciples, and, at the conclusion of His prayer, He prays for all future believers. He prays, “I do not pray for these alone […]

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