What is Leadership Perspectives? As the Superintendent of the New York Ministry Network for the Assemblies of God, Dr. Duane P. Durst seeks to resource Pastors and Ministry Leaders through the experience other leaders have had in different areas. There is no sense in walking through a minefield by yourself when someone has already fought their way through, made it out alive and can hand you a map. Experience is definitely a good teacher, but somebody else’s experience is even better.

Durst_201x219Duane is a graduate of Central Bible College in Missouri and Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio. While at Ashland Seminary, Duane acquired a Masters of Divinity, Psychology and Counseling as well as a Doctorate of Ministry in Administration. He was an adjunct professor at Ashland Theological Seminary and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He has served as a church consultant in the area of administration, planning and leadership development, and conflict resolution. Duane has also pastored churches in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and New York State. He has served in a number of sectional positions, including serving as the first sectional presbyter of the New York City – Queens section.


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