4 Life-Hacks to Systemize Your Work Week – by Jim Armpriester, III

Systems are the building blocks of sustainable growth, yet often we lack a process for the area of biggest influence, our schedule. Here are four life-hacks to structure your workweek.

  1. Find Your One Thing

“What is the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” Partner Gary Keller’s focusing question from his book, The One Thing, with your vision and mission to formulate areas of focus for each year.

AT LWAG Kids our mission is to help parents discuss the gospel, experience community, and live on mission with their children. This mission combined with the focusing question has led to such yearly “one things” as “earning the right to be a parent partner” and “resourcing parents to have gospel conversations with their children.”

  1. Think 6×6

Now, in light of the one thing you want to accomplish, what are 6 steps you can take in the next 6 weeks to move you to where you want to be? Write them down and post them in your office. This idea is an axiom of Bill Hybels that is easy to implement.

  1. Block Your Time

Unscheduled time is easily wasted time, and things on the calendar are hard to ignore. When we don’t schedule our time we waste it. This is why I am a big proponent of time blocking, or doing certain types of tasks during set times each week. Break each day into four blocks of time and fill those blocks with categories like meetings, planning, sermon preparation, and 6×6 tasks.

  1. Wunderlist Everything

Each week, the individual tasks you do in your blocked time might change. A great way to fill in your schedule and make sure everything gets done is to use the Wunderlist app. You can schedule tasks for yourself and up to 25 people with this tool. Mike Becher, the executive pastor at Living Word, discovered this gem and it has changed the way we meet, plan events, and schedule our individual workweeks.




Jim Armpriester, III has been serving the local church fulltime since 2011. Currently he is the Student and Children’s Pastor at Living Word A/G in the Rochester, NY area. He and his wife Alison are committed to making Jesus famous by living out the gospel.



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